I was born in Havana and raised in New York City. I studied at Regis High School and Williams College.

In San Francisco and Los Angeles, I’ve worked in education, public media, digital media and the arts.

With the help of wonderful friends, I have written a few essays and written-produced some videos, made art and played music.

Most recently, I have been learning to make movies:

  • ISA (2014) is a weird after school special about a Mexican-American dreamer.
  • Ana Maria in Novela Land (2015) is a light comedy about a smart aleck who switches places with a telenovela villain.
  • Reversion (2015) is a potboiler about memory and money.

More here. I am currently writing screenplays.

Sometimes, I retweet. I also post photos of myself relearning skateboarding, my children and other loved ones, interesting places and beautiful things.

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