photo of jose nestor marquez
photo by Adam Lisagor

I was born in Havana and raised in New York City. I studied at Regis High School and Williams College.

In San Francisco and Los Angeles, I’ve worked in education, public media, digital media and the arts.

I am currently writing for all media, mostly screens. More here.

With the help of wonderful friends, I have written a few essays and written-produced some videos, made art and played music.

More recently, I made these movies:

  • ISA (2014) is a weird after school special about a Mexican-American dreamer.
  • Ana Maria in Novela Land (2015) is a light comedy about a smart aleck who switches places with a telenovela villain.
  • Reversion (2015) is a potboiler about memory and money.

I have a weblog and also a newsletter.

If you’d like to get a hold of me, please email jose @ my work address.com

Thank you for visiting!

Bonus: my Insta Selfies series, Winter 2018-2019