Politics is competition. Where there’s heat, there’s a threat.

Affordable health care for all, especially mental health care, would erode the financial base of at least one right wing organization:

James Dobson understands that behind the rights’ politics of resentment is a culture of personal crisis that he’s been catering to and cultivating since he became a public figure in the early 70s. And what Dobson does and where his strength comes from, is the correspondence in his organization Focus On the Family, based in Colorado Springs, which rakes in about $150 million every year. The correspondence department there handles so many letters and so many phone calls that they have their own zip code in Colorado Springs.

The letters basically are people pleading for advice on basic problems – from their child’s bedwetting problem to marital strife. And they will receive, in short order Dobson-approved advice. But then their person information is entered in a database and they’re bombarded with political mailings, telling them that the source of these problems and the source of societal decay is liberalism, is the homosexual agenda, feminism, etcetera.