Omni. Meaning lots of links and not that magazine with the cool covers from yesteryear. Sadly.

The Browser is my favorite site of the moment. The below excerpts are taken mostly from it.

· “I argue that dreaming is not a parallel state but that it is consciousness itself, in the absence of input from the senses…” – Dr. Rodolfo Llinás as quoted in The New York Times. Amazon reader reviews of Llinás’ book suggest the premise of his books is pretty interesting: that consciousness evolves from motor skills; that is, how we learn to move in space. Thus, consciousness is a gift shared by many, many other animals.

· John Kay in the Financial Times argues, dryly, that Wall Street has overstepped its bounds. For example: “Privatisation and the breaking up of statutory monopolies has reduced rent-seeking by organised groups of public employees. But the scale of corporate rent-seeking activities by business and personal rent-seeking by senior individuals in business and finance has increased sharply.”

· Never mind the Great Firewall, here’s the Spinternet: “The Russians outsource it to new media start-ups who then create ideological social networking and blogs that promote a pro-Kremlin ideology. The Chinese have created a decentralized, 280,000-person-strong contingent of what is known as the 50-cent party, members of which get paid 50 Chinese cents for each comment they leave online.”

· Other people’s problems are always more interesting: a fascinating account of Europe’s struggle to assimilate immigrants who invoke (or invent) a Muslim identity in their new home – inhospitable as it may feel. While I was reminded of the late Sam Huntington’s mad tirade against the Catholic hordes (Mexicans), that conflict feels quaint by comparison.