Facts with benefits.

The fictional Malcolm Tucker, from the masterful show The Thick of It, is blogging about the real UK election for the Guardian:

Now, as we know, the various polling organisations use different methodology. Mori and Populus phone people, YouGov use an internet panel, and I believe some of the cheaper outfits prefer throwing a spanner in the street and then getting the lunk it takes out to put his finger on one of three colours when he wakes up in casualty. As you know, I prefer to conduct my own polling by the means of ripping chickens apart, and reading the tea leaves I have force-fed them. And what this is telling me is that however well we think we’re doing, we are currently located midway up shit creek, in the vicinity of the hamlet of Nofuckingpaddles.

This post, about their first TV debate, and how little it matters, is just one of its great achievements.

See also Matt Taibbi and the late Hunter S. Thompson.