Modern music in popular 20th century film scores; wishing on a post-iPad version of The New Yorker

I look forward to the day when I am reading an article which references several different pieces of music and I don’t have to put the magazine down, go to a computer, search for the right recording, listen to it, and then pick up the magazine again.

Rather, I’ll be reading the article, come across a name, click on it, a menu will pop open, I’ll listen to the bit the author had in mind, close it, and go back to where I was. Until then, if you’re reading the May 17 New Yorker profile of composer Michael Giacchino, here are some of the references:

Jerry Goldsmith, Planet of the Apes: titles, The Hunt

György Ligeti, as in 2001, Atmospheres, Requiem

Bernard Herrmann, Citizen Kane, Vertigo

Leonard Rosenman, The Car

Michael Giacchino, “Lost” character motifs