Unarchiving me.

I’ve been using an Apple computer for almost 20 years. I have files that date back to 1991. Back then, storage was limited. (I have mp3 files that are bigger than the hard drive of my first laptop.) And so many of these old files are compressed in a format that is no longer supported: DiskDoubler.

But humanity is great. Dag Ågren has written a free tool called The Unarchiver which can extract almost any relic.

If only it could also extract and delete all the bullshit from my papers circa 1991, leaving behind only the sensible parts. That would be truly great.

Here’s one gem, a turd blossom if you will, from a paper about the way skateboarding transforms public spaces: “Skating unleashes forces embedded in monuments while simultaneously effacing monumental History; commemorating the disappearance of personal liberty with an eruption of grace.”

That’s probably the clearest sentence in the whole bit. [Hangs head in mock shame; chuckles.]

And here’s the skateboarding video that sent me on the path to finding the Unarchiver.