possible alternative reality games involving celebrities

you, the protagonist, are accidentally emailed the login / confirmation email intended for someone who is quite famous. you become his/her doppelganger. it’s your choice whether you become the celebrity’s guardian angel or a shadowy trickster. you can alternate between both poles.

the objective is to interact with the celebrity’s environment (his/her business contacts, press, friends, family) just enough to create changes but not so much as to get caught. perhaps, to reunite the celebrity with their true love. (e.g., you can be a Cyrano de Bergerac.) or to be cast in the right movie.

you monitor the impact of your moves over time by following the popular / celebrity press. if you’re caught, the game is over. there is no restart.

alternately, you are emailed the the login / confirmation for the account of a celebrity’s manager. thus, you are given the role of his/her adviser. but thousands of other players are emailed the same access. the game aggregates all of your input, providing an actual celebrity with either the average input or the ranked input of those players whose choices have been most valued / successful in previous rounds. the crowd sourcing of choices.