Falsehoods being traded as facts, “irrespective of their validity.”

The problem with so much journalism:

Mr. Loeb’s views, irrespective of their validity, point to a bigger problem for the economy: If business leaders have a such a distrust of government, they won’t invest in the country. And perception is becoming reality.

It is precisely because these views are not questioned that they pose a problem for the economy. Were they questioned, in public, and confirmed, the process would benefit the marketplace of ideas. As is, they’re counterfeit goods.

As for the subjects of this report, the billionaire financiers who are upset at being painted as villains: grow a pair.

Or, better yet, try loving your country without such shallow conditions. If patriotism comes with a prenup, I’m pretty sure “hurt feelings” isn’t cause.

afterthought: China Asks C.E.O.’s to Work for State. I mean, we’re still competing with them, right?