The female executive who gave Walt Disney his big break.

Meet Margaret Winkler, aka MJ Winkler.

Since this was [a] male-dominated industry, Peggy reasoned that she should avoid any indication of a female connection to her company. She cleverly chose the initials “M” for Margaret, and “J” because it just sounded good. Within a year, the M. J. Winkler Company was established as a quality short subject distributor of cartoons, comedies, and travelogues. But Felix was the biggest attraction with the biggest problems. Peggy started having conflicts with Pat Sullivan and started looking for a new type of cartoon as a backup. It was at this time that she saw Walt Disney’s pilot titled, Alice’s Wonderland. She was impressed with its inventiveness and quickly commissioned a series of six films without ever having seen Disney’s facilities. The irony is that Disney’s first studio was nothing more than a wooden one car garage behind his Uncle Robert’s home in Hollywood.