Rita Indiana name checking Minor Threat into the merengue canon.

Thanks to our friend Joni Daher I have just learned about Rita Indiana Y Los Misterios

The song Esqueibol (Skateboard), is pure gold. Starting at 9m30s, Rita breaks it down:

Cuando yo tenia 12 años
Yo tenia un primo que se llamaba Alex
El vivia en Orlando per venia todos los veranos

Alex se cortaba los cabellos de manera rara
Se ponia unas botitas azules hasta la rodilla
Unas Dr. Martens que aquí no las había todavía

She then name checks Minor Threat. “Straight edge, ya tu sabes.” This is the tribute to Tony Hawk I always wanted to make for my parents but was too uptight and/or American to make. Superb.

It makes me hopeful that 2011 will be an even better year than 2010.


The instrumentation on Da Pa Lo Do should make the ears of Vampire Weekend fans perk up. (While the first 12 seconds sound like they’re from the Tron: Legacy soundtrack.) No matter how much you think you can outsmart the bass guitar slide on Bajito A Selva, it will eventually take you by the waist.

The entire album, El Juidero, is taking future retro to its logical conclusion.