Noise as signal: overdetermined music from The Jesus & Mary Chain through My Bloody Valentine and Autechre to I Break Horses

music videos on YouTube:

I Break Horses Hearts (2011)

Crystal Castles Celestica (2008)

The Field Sun & Ice (2006)

Autechre Gantz Graf (2002)

Fennesz Shisheido (2001)

Kid606 Catstep (2000)

Nobukazu Takemura Icefall (1999)

Atari Teenage Riot Anarchy 999 (1999)

Queens of the Stone Age: Regular John (1998)

Oval Do While (1995)

My Bloody Valentine Soon (1991)

Dinosaur Jr. Tarpit (1987)

Sonic Youth Schizophrenia (1987)

The Jesus and Mary Chain Never Understand (1984)

related concepts discussed on Wikipedia: headroom, impressionism, white noise, gloss, distortion, overdetermination, cognitive load, harmonic distortion, psychoacoustics, auditory illusions, overtones